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The World of Vacuum Technology

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Regardless of what you want to handle with vacuum, you will find the correct suction pad here!

The Schmalz range of suction pads offers an almost unlimited number of suction pads with various shapes, sizes and materials.


Flat suction pads (round)

Round, flat suction pads with various sealing lips and edges. Ideal for withstanding horizontal forces.


Flat suction pads (oval)

Oval, flat suction pads. Ideal for long, narrow work pieces.


Bellows suction pads (round)

Bellows-type suction pads have many advantages: good moulding to uneven surfaces, damping effect when placed on the work piece, lifting effect when the vacuum is applied, etc.


Bellows suction pads (oval)

For all long, narrow work pieces, with the damping and lifting effect of the bellows.


Special suction pads for sheet metal

Special series of suction pads for handling sheet metal. The highlights: withstand very high horizontal forces, no deformation of the work piece, secure holding of the work piece, etc.


Special suction pads for handling wood

Special series of suction pads for applications in the wood industry. Very good sealing characteristics on rough surfaces and optimal adaptation to uneven work pieces. Ideal for short cycle times.


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