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The World of Vacuum Technology

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Vacuum pump, blower or ejector the choice is yours.  The objective is always the same: vacuum! In our product range, you will find everything you need, from the smallest compact ejector to the largest high performance group.



Basic ejectors

These ejectors are reliable and require little maintenance. Their main advantage is the simple construction: body, Venturi nozzle and silencer.


Inline ejectors

Inline ejectors are particularly suitable for mounting directly between the suction pad and the compressed-air supply.


Compact ejectors

In addition to the function of a basic ejector, compact ejectors are equipped with a suction valve, a blow-off valve, a vacuum switch and a filter.


Compact ejectors for special applications

Compact ejectors with special features such as extremely high suction capacity, automatic blow-off system, etc.


Ejectors (special versions)

Ejectors with large extraction and suction volumes.


Vacuum units

The complete unit for handling and clamping tasks, consisting of ejector, reservoir, monitoring and regulation.

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