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It all depends on the vacuum head!

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Lifting different loads such as stone slabs, cardboard boxes, sheets of wood or heavy sacks is not just a question of the weight involved but of the correct vacuum head(s). For the Vacuum Tube Lifters

JUMBO, SCHMALZ offers a comprehensive range of different vacuum heads.

Since there are matching suction pads for each of the many Vacuum Lifter versions

with their differing hose diameters, it is possible to assembly optimum JUMBOs for all loads, even when these have only a small surface area. With the aid of a simple quick-change system, you can even change the suction pads rapidly and easily
Single Vacuum Head EG For sealed cardboard boxes, sheets wooden boxes etc. Double Vacuum Head DG for stapled, taped, hoped or open cardboard boxes. Also for crates, sheets, etc. The two suction pads can be positioned as required on a crossbar. Quadruple Vacuum Head VG for cardboard boxes, sheets and flexible parts. The individual suction pads can be adjusted as required in two directions.
Long Rectangular Vacuum Head LG for pallets, narrow cardboard boxes, beams, girders, square-section tubes, etc. Round Vacuum Head RG For barrels, buckets or stone Slabs with rough surfaces. Sack Vacuum Head SG for paper and plastic sacks, raw-rubber bales, articles sealed in plastic, etc.
All vacuum heads can be changed in a flash if the optional Quick Change System SWA is fitted.    
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