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Three different control systems

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A typical feature of the new Jumbo from Schmalz, the 'original' Vacuum Tube Lifter The JUMBOERGO will seem familiar to anyone who has ridden a motorcycle. With a twist grip similar to a motorcycle throttle, this control system permits rapid and precise handling of loads of any weight. This is true for stacking at floor level and up to a height of 2.3m, since the twist grip reinforces the natural movements of the operator’s hand. Contrary to a motorcycle, “opening the throttle” lowers the JUMBOERGO and “closing the throttle” raises it. This principle makes the system safe to use and guarantees ergonomic handling of loads at any working height. JumboSprint The JUMBOHANDY, with its one- hand operation, is the ideal unit for all light parts which need to be handled in large quantities or in rapid succession. This “baby” in the range of SCHMALZ vacuum tube lifters is available with two different operator handles. In addition to the conventional “pistol grip”, which permits precise movement and positioning of all types of loads at benchtop height, we can now offer a new version. The “bow-type” handle permits ergonomical operation and guidance over a large lifting range. And, since the JUMBOHANDY is operated with only one hand, the user’s other hand is always free for positioning and assembly.
Three different control systems to match varying applications and weight classes permit the selection of the ideal solution for each individual handling task.
Features common to all three Control systems for the JUMBO are:
  • They are designed in accordance with the latest ergonomical guidelines
  • Loads can be lifted, moved and lowered with little effort
  • Even very heavy loads can be positioned safely and precisely

In cases where the main emphasis lies in the handling of heavy and cumbersome loads in rough working conditions or in the open air, the JUMBOSPRINT is the best solution.

The operator can use both hands to steer the lifting unit and its load, such as sacks, stones, slabs and many other items. If, for example in the food- stuffs or chemicals industry, hygiene is of prime importance, there are several types of the stainless-steel version of the JUMBOSPRINT.


JumboHandy with pistol grip
JumboHandy with bow-type handle
JumboErgo And safety is not compromised when all of this is achieved. The quick-acting non-return valve and a large-area suction pad ensure that the load is not dropped, even if the electric power or the compressed-air supply fails.
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