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1000 standard versions in three product ranges:

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The optional accessories

Dust Filter STF for handling Dusty objects or sacks. Easy maintenance with rapidly changed filer cartridges. Also available with filter monitor. Rotating Unit DE for horizontal Rotation of the load when items need to be rotated during unstacking (handle remains stationary, load rotates).
Schmalz BlowerBox SBB for Installation on the vacuum blower. Reduces the noise output to only about 65 Db(A). Swivelling Unit SE for Swivelling the load from the horizontal to the vertical position (90°) or vice versa. Ideal for setting workpieces on edge.
Schmalz Blower SB-V for the perfect adjustment of suction pad capacity and vacuum to different applications. Hose Cylinder Extension SZV for access to high-sided boxes, crates, wire-mesh boxes, etc.
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