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Underwater Suction Pads


These highly specialised Deep Water Suction Pads are manufactured from high quality formed rubber and attach to flat and rough surfaces with gripping forces of 300kgs+. The unit comprises of a base unit to which a replaceable suction pad is attached, and is also available with an optional tap to release vacuum. Suction is achieved by removal of water by venturi as standard or by vacuum pump. Designed primarily for securing divers to their underwater workplace or more recently for use holding ROV’s at their workstation. The Deep water suction pads are able to hold steady in strong currents. By design the deeper the suction pad is used, the greater the hold on force. The operator benefits from a greater range of mobility allowing for a more safe and comfortable working environment and efficiency to complete their task.

Deep water suction pad - side view   Underwater suction pad - underside

A more recent development to the Deep Water Suction Pad has the connection to equipment that requires deploying to surfaces at unlimited depths. The Deep Water Suction Pad has been successfully connected to ROV’s demonstrating their extraordinary versatility and providing solutions in this difficult working environment.

Description   A two piece suction device with replaceable pads for use in deep water
Base unit   A stainless steel assembly with four attachment bolts
Type of pad   Three-frond
Composition of pad   Rubber
Power supply   Water pressure: 1.2 bar differential at 9 litres/minute
Power source   Water supplied from surface or by underwater pump
Size of pads   340mm
Extra fitting   Tap for releasing vacuum
Holding surface   Flat, rough and light vegetation
Holding force   300kgs +
Operating depth   From surface to unlimited
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