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The VacuMaster Range

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Vacuum lifting devices VacuMaster are the ideal tools for the handling of sheets of metal, wood and glass, stone slabs, weighing up to 2000kg.  The object to be lifted is gripped by the VacuMaster-and can then be lifted and moved safely with the aid of a crane.

Robustness and reliability are the most important features of this product series.  A three-year warranty demonstrates our confidence in these devices.  It goes without saying that we comply with all current standards and guidelines for vacuum handling devices; in many cases, we even surpass them.

Crane systems from Schmalz complement the system solution designed for a specific task.

VacuMaster Basic and Comfort

Basic and high-end configurations with many integrated features


VacuMaster Basic  

VacuMaster Basic – comprehensive basic configuration
● Vacuum lifting device with high degree of variability
● Pump size, operator-handle length, suction pads and main and cross beam lengths can be selected individually to match the specific application
● Main beam with integrated vacuum reservoir and distributor
● Ergonomical operator handle
● Electronic warning device, non-return valve
● Option: turning of workpiece by 90° or 180°

VacuMaster Comfort  

VacuMaster Comfort – the high-end configuration
● Basic configuration same as VacuMaster Basic
● Ergonomically integrated control, with push buttons, of “chain hoist up/down”, “vacuum on/off” and, on models with turning function, “vertical/horizontal”
● Solenoid valve with two-hand operation for “vacuum off”
● Regulated vacuum pump with automatic energy-saving function
● Delivered complete with chain hoist
● Option: chain hoist with frequency-regulated drive
● Maximum 48 Volts for the controls of the operator handle (also on all Basic versions with 90° and 180° turning)

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