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Vacuum lifting devices VacuMaster

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A wide range of products for almost every application


VacuMaster Coil, max load 750kg, with 90 degree swivelling, for handling coils and rings of split strip.


VacuMaster Coil

For handling coils and rings of split strip

● Particularly suitable for lifting work pieces from a pallet in the horizontal position and placing them on the mandrel in the vertical position.
● Suitable for thin and very thin sheets, metal foil, steel, tin, aluminium, etc.
● Damage-free gripping without mechanical clamps
● Handling of coils with varying diameters with the aid of switchable annular chambers
● Precise, continuous swivelling of the load with the aid of an electromechanical linear drive
● Maximum load 500 to 1000kg


VacuMaster Box, max load 200kg, for installation of kitchen elements in mobile homes.


VacuMaster Box

For turning over metal boxes

● Particularly suitable for turning over safes, air-conditioner cabinets, large domestic appliances, switchgear cabinets, etc.
● Simple gripping and release of the load thanks to fold-away arm
● Optional: Load can be turned endlessly, either electrically or manually
● Easy adaptation to varying work pieces thanks to continuously adjustable gripping arms
● Maximum load 125 to 250kg

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