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Vacuum lifting devices VacuMaster

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A wide range of products for almost every application


VacuMaster Multi, max load 300kg, vertical, for loading upright mechanical saws.


VacuMaster Multi

For handling of large, air-tight or porous sheets and panels

● Particularly suitable for handling raw and coated chipboard, sheets of MDF and OSB, plasterboard and sheets of plastic
● Ergonomic handling thanks to swivelling operator handle (standard)
● Safe handling of porous sheets thanks to the powerful vacuum blower and the electronic warning device with load detection.
● Quick release of the load thanks to the reversing valve on the blower
● Precise swivelling of the load with a geared electric motor
● Maximum load 150 to 400kg


VacuMaster RE, max load 250kg, horizontal, for removing sheets of wood from cantilever-arm racks and placing them on CNC woodworking centres.


VacuMaster RE

For horizontal handling of coated or uncoated sheets of wood and sheets of plastic

● Particularly suitable for loading horizontal mechanical saws with sheets from a pallet and for removal of sheets from cantilever-arm racks
● Vacuum generator (ejector) powered by compressed air, 2 vacuum circuits
● Safe handling thanks to an audible warning device and a vacuum reservoir
● Maximum load 250kg

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